GreenForges Brand 2.0

A new version of the GreenForges brand — here is our vision for moving forward.

GreenForges Brand 2.0

A new version of the GreenForges brand — here is our vision for moving forward.


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A lot has been going on since we last posted. Our team has been busy in advancing our designs and testing components in lab settings, building up and testing the software architecture and planning the two phases of our upcoming pilot facility. We're eager to share more soon in upcoming posts.

As we come closer to building our first prototype, we also decided to restructure our brand to drive us forward. We want GreenForges to be a source of inspiration for the innovators of today and tomorrow, across different industries. 

The new brand was built 100% internally through a collaborative effort. The GreenForges team came together to distill the essence of our company and articulate it into a framework that could be understood by our stakeholders. We designed our brand to align employees, investors, partners, customers and the general public towards a common vision. 

We are proud to share with you some details about the new GreenForges brand. 


The Brand Core is the beating heart of the GreenForges brand. The statements below define who we are as a company, what impact we want to have and how we plan on doing it.


The purpose describes why GreenForges exists.

“To expand the world’s agricultural output, minimize human footprint and create new economic opportunities.”


The vision describes what the world will look like if we are successful. 

“Thriving communities where agriculture is in balance with nature.”


The mission describes how we plan on making our vision come true.

“Develop sustainable and profitable underground farming systems.”


These are the six pillars the GreenForges brand is built around. We profoundly believe in each of them to inspire our long-term and short-term decisions.

Innovation - The courageous act of making progress-oriented changes

Respect - Everyone and everything deserves it

Creativity - Is the fuel for innovation

Truth - To build solid foundations for a better future

Collaboration - Over competition. Progress is not a zero-sum game. 

Sustainability - As a pillar for moving forward

Brand Identity

The way our brand looks and feels is infused with the statements above. 


We designed a new logo to embody some concepts that we want our brand to represent.


The logomark is made of two Gs, one of them reversed. The upside-down G represents the underground, core aspect of GreenForges technology. It represents the synergy between the surface and the underground.


The shape of the logomark reminds of brackets with a slash in between, a symbol commonly used to represent code. Our technology is software-driven, making use of data, automation and artificial intelligence to improve harvests.


Collaboration is one of our pillars. We believe entities of the world have the duty to co-operate to achieve a greater good. We are all links in the same chain.


The sharp edges and sleek design of our logomark make it look hi-tech. We believe in nature being the most advanced form of technology. Human-made technology should integrate seamlessly with nature in a symbiotic cooperation to enhance our living experiences.

Closing Message

Our hope is that the GreenForges brand will inspire more talent into building the thriving future we envision. More resources need to be deployed towards the construction of a green future where nature, humans and technology live in symbiosis. If you are reading this, you already are among the innovators that direct attention towards building a better world, thank you!