Bring Underground
Vertical Farming
To Your Community

Bring Underground Vertical Farming To Your Community

We are building relationships with leaders that care about sustainability, innovation and food security. Gain priority access to underground farming technology.

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Development process


feasiblity study

We assess whether your area meets the criteria to start a pilot project.


Pilot facility

We build a pilot facility to showcase our technology to your community and validate it.


commercial facility

We build a large-size facility to begin commercial operations.



We expand the technology to other locations.

Who we work with

real estate developers

We believe our systems will enable real estate developers to increase the value of their projects by embedding food production within them. They will have the chance to provide their communities with a steady, predictable supply of fresh and healthy food, year-round.


Distributors can secure a steady, predictable supply of crops in high-demand.


Underground farming can bring vertical farming to farmers. It enables them to grow more, in less space, making more money, all the while preserving the environment.

governments and public administrations

Governments and public administrations can bolster food security and create job opportunities within their communities.

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