Taking agriculture underground

We are developing sustainable technology to grow food underground at commercial scale. You can grow anywhere, even below buildings.

Our vision

Regenerate our planet through agriculture

Traditional agriculture has fulfilled humanity’s food needs for the last 10,000 years, but it will not be enough to make it through the next 100. Current practices are destructive to the environment and not productive enough to keep pace with global food demand. By bringing agriculture underground, we can greatly increase food production while simultaneously regenerating freed up surface space.

Underground and Multiplied

Constant, sustainable production &
orders of magnitude more production per square meter.

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the advantages

Underground farming is a more energy-efficient, flexible and scalable form of vertical farming.

Year-Round Production

By taking advantage of natural underground insulation, we can grow year round, regardless of weather conditions, in nearly any location. All while increasing predictability, profitability, and food security.

Farming Almost Anywhere

Plant Forge installation is more dependent on underground conditions than the surface environment. This unique advantage allows for large and productive farms to be deployed in typically non-agricultural environments such as deserts, tundras, and below cities.

Healthier and Tastier Food

Because we grow in a controlled environment, produce is optimized for nutrient-delivery and taste. For example, by fine-tuning the wavelengths of our LED lights we can encourage plants to release various phytochemicals, which boost certain tastes and increase specific nutritional values. In addition, since we grow locally, our produce has a much longer shelf life and is much fresher when consumed.

Lower Food Miles

Reducing fossil fuel usage while transporting food is imperative to a sustainable future. Our technology makes it possible to grow under residential buildings, public parks, or nearly any other urban area, allowing food to be grown much closer to where most people live and work.

Increased Revenue per Acre

Our Plant Forge systems provide orders of magnitude more revenue per square meter than traditional farming practices, making our products suitable for food growers looking to earn more money without having to buy more land.

Low Water Consumption

Being underground means losing less water to evaporation. We also utilize a closed-loop system, allowing us to significantly reduce our water inputs and eliminating water runoff. 

No Chemical Runoffs

All farmers have to deal with pests, even indoor and underground farmers. Instead of using synthetic pesticides, which cause harmful damage to our ecosystems, we utilize a creative mix of software technology and predator insects to take care of invasive pests.

Lower heating costs for buildings

All lights – even the most efficient LEDs – generate extraneous heat. As a result, most indoor farms simply evacuate the heat outside and waste energy doing so. At GreenForges, we are exploring ways to recycle that waste heat and deliver it to above ground structures, lowering the energy costs for the entire building.

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