Taking Agriculture Underground

We are developing technology to grow healthy food underground, unlocking benefits not possible until today.

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Regenerate our planet through agriculture

Traditional farming has kept us going for more than 10,000 years, but it doesn’t work anymore. Agriculture is destructive for our planet and not productive enough to keep up with our food demand. By bringing agriculture underground, we can increase our productivity and regenerate the surface at the same time.

Conceptual 3D rendering of a GreenForges underground farm in a snowy environment.
Conceptual 3D rendering of a GreenForges machine. This design does not reflect what the technology will look like.

Underground and Multiplied

Constant, sustainable production &
orders of magnitude more production per square meter.

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Lower Food Miles

Reducing the fossil fuels involved in transporting food is important. Our technology helps with that by making it possible to grow under buildings, in parks or almost any empty spaces, yet obtain high yield and revenue. Allowing food grow food closer to where most live and work.

Year-Round Production

By taking advantage of the underground controlled environment, we can grow all-year round, regardless of weather conditions. Increasing predictability, profitability and food security.

Low Water Consumption

Being underground means losing less water to evaporation. And we constantly recycle it closed-loop systems, reducing the need to put a lot of water in as well as eliminating water runoffs.

No Chemical Runoffs

All farmers have to cope with pests, including indoor and underground farms. But instead of using synthetic  pesticides, which cause collateral damage to ecosystems, we use a mix of software technology and predator insects to take care of harmful pests.

Increased Revenue per Acre

GreenForges provide orders of magnitude more revenue per square meter than greenhouses. Making the technology attractive for farmers looking to earn more without having to buy land.

Lower heating costs for buildings

All lights generate waste heat, even the most efficient LEDs, and so most indoor farms simply evacuate the heat outside, costing energy. But for GreenForges, we’re exploring ways to recycle that waste heat and deliver it to the building above, lowering the energy costs during winter.

Healthier and Tastier Food

Because we grow locally, produce is selected for nutrients and taste.  Not for how long it stays looking good in a delivery truck. For example we can tune the wavelengths of light to encourage plants to release various phytochemicals, which boost certain tastes and increase  specific nutritional values.

Farming Almost Anywhere

Where GreenForges can be installed has more to do with the underground conditions than the surface. This unique factor allows for potentially large and productive farms to be deployed in hostile environments such as deserts,  tundra and mountainous areas.

Build the Future

If you are a farmer or a real estate developer, contact us to learn more.

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