Plant Forges

100 years of stable, predictable food production in a 60-inch hole.

Plant Forges Specs

The estimates below are yet to be confirmed with more data and experimentation.

Forge diameter
60" (1.5m)
Forge depth
Adaptable, up to 200 feet (60.9m)
Expected cost of installation / forge
CAD $2000-$5000 / linear foot of depth
Expected ROI
Less than 5 years
Expected lifecycle / forge
Up to 100 years
Suggested min. quantity
150 forges
Total surface space required / forge
304" x 207" (7.7m x 5.3m)

Evolution of Plant Forges

March 2019
Birth of the idea

Intrigued by the potential of urban agriculture but aware of its spacial limitations, Philippe Labrie starts exploring the idea of developing underground farming systems. Can we drill holes in the ground and grow our food in them? 

October 2019
Exploring concepts

Encouraged by CEA experts and professionals, Philippe recruits talented engineers and designers to develop different conceptual directions.

June 2020
Consulting with experts

To validate their ideas, the team consults with experts in the fields of construction, real estate development, agriculture, horticulture and business.

May 2021
Patent pending

Feeling confident about the state of the design, the team files strategic patent applications

December 2021
Designing prototype and first facility

We are getting ready to turn our ideas into reality. Our engineers and designers are planning our first prototype and our first facility.

March 2022
The lab is live

We have set up a lab and started testing hardware and software components.

April 2022
First harvest!!

Plants were healthy and tasty, we were satisfied and very excited about our first harvest.

and first meal 😋

Our CPO Andrew got to enjoy the very first GreenForges meal

June 2022
First client

Signed our first client and working on the design, procurement and construction details for the first commercial facilities using Plant Forges.

no geographical limits

Grow fresh food, anywhere

Because of their independence from weather conditions, Plant Forges can be installed in almost every geographical area.

below buildings

Plant Forges can be installed within the foundations of new urban developments.

climate independence

Because the underground acts as a natural insulator, surface temperature is not a limiting factor.

stable & predictable

Stable, predictable production. 24/7, year-round

Being in a controlled environment translates into constant, predictable growing cycles. Forget seasonality.

predictable output

You will know exactly how much your Forges will produce.

24/7, 365 days a year

Your Forges never stop working — regardless of weather, seasons or time of the day.


Optimized for environmental safeguards

Plant Forges are designed to minimize our impact on the environment. You can grow more food, in less space, using less resources.

no chemical runoffs

No harmful chemicals are spilled into the ground.


After the end of a Forge lifecycle, they can be extracted from the ground and recycled.

water efficiency

98% more water efficiency compared to traditional agriculture.

energy efficiency

The underground acts as a natural insulator, limiting the energy required to stabilize the temperature.

increased food security

Resilient food production

Anybody, anywhere can now secure a steady supply of fresh food, resilient from climate disasters and supply chain shocks.

hyper local

Forges can be installed in proximity to where the food is consumed.

independent from climate disasters

Storms, droughts and other climate disruptions have low impact on Plant Forges output.


Forges are designed to last up to 100 years before needing casing replacement.

better food

Feed your community with healthier, clean, local food

Plant Forges grow pesticide-free food, right next to consumption.

no harmful chemicals

Forget about pesticide-filled food that are used to consume.

hyper fresh

Food is grown right next to consumption.

more nutrients & taste

Wavelengths can be fine tuned to grow plants richer in nutrients and taste.