Scalable Underground Farming Systems

Greenforges are designed with scalability in mind, they make use of modules and construction techniques that enable farmers to leverage the most out of their land.


Less land / more revenue

Stable Climate Control

Being underground has a great advantage: the temperature is stable. Thanks to this, we are able to significantly reduce consumption related to climatization, making our machines leaner on energy requirements compared to similar technology.

30 - 40%

Energy savings

Closed-Loop Water Recycling

Our system allow for direct feed delivery to the plants’ roots allowing for a natural growth cycle. Moreover, the water-nutrient mix is analyzed upon cycle completion to further understand the plants' absorption rate, then recycled, reducing water consumption to 98% efficiency.


Water saved compared to field farming

Multiplied Revenue

Going underground allows you to multiply the amount of crops you can produce per square meter, all the while reducing the labor required.

Easy to Operate

Laborers don't have to move or walk large horizontal distances — our systems are fixed and bring the growing modules to them.

Great for the Environment

By minimizing resource consumption and waste, not only you are making more money, you are also helping to save the planet.