We develop sustainable farming technology to move agricultural production underground.

We do so to expand the world’s agricultural output, create economic opportunities and reduce human footprint.

// 01

Expand Agricultural Output

To meet projected food demands, we need to develop technology to grow more food, in less space, using less resources.

// 02

Create New Economic Opportunities

We want to open the agricultural industry to more stakeholders. Enabling food production below cities or in remote areas will generate opportunities for more communities.

// 03

Reduce Human Footprint

We want our technology to interfere the minimum possible with nature. Being underground and requiring less space, our technology has the potential to free up huge amounts of space on the surface. Nature can claim back what was taken by humans.

Transferring part of agricultural production below cities will free up space for nature and feed the population healthier food

Our goal is to introduce underground farming as a new standard in real estate development. Farms are installed below new high-rise buildings. The food grown by the farm is sold to the inhabitants and/or other local communities. In addition, waste heat produced from the farm's LED lights can be recycled to heat up the building above on during cold months, bringing down energy usage and costs.

regenerate the surface

Every pound of food produced below cities frees up some space previously dedicated to agricultural production. If we are successful at scale, a lot of surface space can be regenerated.

shrink the distribution chain to a minimum

When food is grown below your apartment, the only distance it needs to cover is the floor you live at. That means no transportation is needed, reducing the energy consumption and traffic clutter impact of the supply chain.

no extra space needed

Since the farms are installed within the foundations of the building, they don't take up any extra surface space. Urban development will have a linear relationship with increase in agricultural output.

// Our Values

As a company, GreenForges commits to live up by these values, which we see as our pillars.


The courageous act of making progress-oriented changes.


To build solid foundations for a better future.


Over competition. Progress is not a zero-sum game.


As a pillar for moving forward.


Everyone and everything deserves it.


Is the fuel for innovation.

Enabling agriculture in areas with extreme climate will unlock new opportunities for remote communities

Underground farming, because stable temperature below the surface, can take agriculture where it's never been before. Desert, extreme cold, mountainous areas can now be turned into food production powerhouses. Communities living in extreme areas, that could only dream of consuming freshly grown produce, can now grow their own, opening up economic opportunities as well.

new opportunities for communities in extreme climate conditions

Growing fresh food locally will empower communities living in extreme areas to become healthier, more resilient and wealthier.

no need to cut down forests

Since climate is such a determining factor in traditional agriculture, humans have been forced to sacrifice lush forests in order to feed themselves. With underground farming, there is no need for that. A desert is just as good as any other geographical area to grow food underground.